3nd Libya food Exhibition
SOON • , Tripoli, Libya

Libya Food in the third version,
coming soon

We bring together all National and International manufacturers and suppliers of agriculture products,food & beverages as well as technology in agriculture cultivation and food processing with this known market of Tripoli.



The Libya Food Expo is coming back! After the super success and reception in the first year, El- Dawlia, the organizers of the Libya Food Expo are extremely happy to announce that the event’s second edition will be staged at the Tripoli international Fairground. The dates of the event will be:SOON

The Libya Food Expo is designed and developed to serve as a pioneering platform for national and international food exhibitors. Brimming with wide-ranging opportunities to explore, the event will allow food brands and businesses to showcase their product line of latest and fast-moving products in food, food technology, and hospitality. Libya Food Expo takes pride in being a facilitator for participating businesses to meet and interact with wide array of potential clients and partners from the food industry and related sectors.

The motive behind organizing such comprehensive and valuable food exhibitions in Libya is to raise awareness about the promise and potential that the Libyan food industry and market has for other regional and international players. Moreover, the aim is to not only highlight foods per se, but also promote food-processing technologies and hospitality products.

Through the Libya Food Expo, businesses that are involved in running the back-end of the industry - production, manufacturing etc will also get the opportunity to show the latest technological advancements that are currently in use, and new arrivals that are helping the industry to prosper and grow.

The think-tank of the Libya Food Expo are perennially engaged and committed to develop the Libya Food Expo to be an event that enables food marketers to market their wide-ranging product specialties to customers – corporate and common – in one venue. Based on the fast-evolving lifestyles and dietary habits and preferences, and nutritional concerns of customers,

one of our main endeavors therefore is to successfully cater to the ever-growing demand for original, novel, fresh, all-natural ingredients, foods and sustainable processes.

Libya’s Foods Industry

Libya’s otherwise burgeoning industry has forcibly turned rather dormant and distracted due to the conflict-ridden national political scenario. Therefore, an event of such nature and stature is a defining step towards helping the country and its food industries to collectively showcase potential, and overcome the challenges.

Primarily, Libya’s own food production competencies are not its strength. Libyan agriculture contributes just over 1 percent to the national GDP. Consequently, the country has to rely on large-scale food imports for its appetite. This shortcoming, and the fact that Libya is pushing towards a market-based economy, there is tremendous opportunity for foreign food brands to direct their expansion plans to the country.

The Libya Food Expo is pleased to act as facilitator, and give world brands a glimpse of what Libya has to offer.

Organize your own Press Conference during the Libya Food Expo

In our endeavor to bring our participating businesses closer to their target audience, and help them get the desired exposure in the global business community, this year’s Libya Food Expo will provide participants to stage their own press conference at the event’s venue.

For this initiative, we will erect a separate, fully-equipped tent structure. Participants will get the opportunity to hold one-on-one interactions and meetings with corporate personalities, marketing professionals, exhibitors and amongst others attending our event..


Exhibition Location

Tripoli international  - fair ground

Libya Food Expo 2019 Schedule

The first day : SOON

Opening Ceremony and Inauguration: starts from 17:00 onwards

The second day : SOON

Timings: 10:30 am till 13:30 pm, 16:30 pm till 20:30 pm

The third day : SOON

Timings: 10:30 am till 13:30 pm, 16:30 pm till 20:30 pm

The fourth day : SOON

Timings: 10:30 am till 13:30 pm, 16:30 pm till 20:30 pm

Organized by: El Dawlia for Exhibitions and Conferences Company

Event Frequency : Annual

Venue: Tripoli international fairground , Libya

Product Segments : food industry , food technology and hospitality products,

Floor Plan